New Year

It’s been a minute since we’ve blogged… so here goes nothing! Fast and furious was our Fall, Winter came in a blip, then into the new year we were. 2018 brought us some great opportunity. We worked with some really wonderful people that supported our vision and trusted our instincts and it resulted in some of our favorite projects to date. That’s what surrounding yourself with good people will do. So at the end of the year we celebrated in our usual fashion, a late lunch with champagne and a discussion over wins and losses. What worked, what didn’t, what we learned. Always, always we are learning and getting better. Tweaking and refining and trying our best.


2019 we have some clear goals. Reaching beyond what we have done in the past and striving towards big ideas that have been inside our heads for quite some time. Wishing there were more hours in the day and knowing we can only do so much in a day. Thanks for sticking with us, thanks for joining our tribe of supporters and liking our work, and cheering us on in person and online. Those little likes excite us and make us want to create more. I know this word gratitude is overused lately, but thats what we truly are. Grateful.

Here’s to a new year (almost 2 months in now) that is filled with more joy, letterpress, snail mail and a few more Hens’ watercolor designs spreading into the world.


Bonnieroo 40th birthday

We recently celebrated one of the hens turning 4-0 in a big way! Festival feel, flowers along the tables, a rocking' band, and the most colorful arch of balloons you ever did see. It was an evening of celebration, dancing and most of all, friendship. One for the books!

Detail pics by Mary Craven Photography

Wild Flowers by Humble Flower Farm

whiskey-wolves of the west
big green barn
40th party
napkins and koozies
wild flowers
party favors
whiskey wolves of west
wagon decor