If you haven't picked up a Scout Guide before, you've got be on the hunt for a copy. Anytime I visit a new city I try and pick one up. It's a great, highly-edited, guide of local businesses. We were thrilled to be in the Nashville version another year. Here's our ad below, shot by Leslee Mitchell. And you can check out our little interview over on their blog: TSG Nashville

scout guide - tennhens

Nashville neighbors to watch

Check out a little feature on the hens …

The American Heart Association Luncheon

This is one of our favorite events to work on for our client. Each year she hosts a group of women to gather for a small lunch at her home, in support of the Heart Association. Every touch is meaningful, feminine, and with the purpose of thanking the generous supporters of this special  charity. 



For this years invitation we created a watercolor pattern and florals in red & pinks. Then layered the papers with a die-cut heart in the center to add some depth and make it unique. When we cut out the hearts, we deiced those shapes would be perfect as thank you tags. The entire luncheon was thought out and every detail, down to the take-away heart keychain gifts and embroidered cocktail napkins, were thought of. 

pink pms chart
heart menu
heart styling

Bright Lights, Big City / Pre-Grammy's in New York Bash

We got a call back in the Winter about creating an invitation for a pre-Grammy's party. Yes, those Grammy's. To say we were excited is an understatement! The Grammy's were moving back to New York after being in LA for 14 years, so this was a big deal. We really wanted to play up The Big Apple so we created this watercolor, night skyline. The watercolor painting actually pops out of the frame to reveal a pool. This Nielsen Pre Grammy Bash was held at The Pool, New York (which has an actual, square pool in the center) so we found it was a clever way to allude to the evening. 

photos by Mary Craven Photography




Year End wrap up…

Hard to believe 2017 has come and gone! Whew, time flies when you're busy. We enjoyed our clients new and old and had the opportunity to work on some incredible projects. Here's a snippet of work from the year. Enjoy & Happy New Year friends!

Hens Holidays with Mary Craven Photography

We have not dabbled much in the world of Christmas cards, but this year we did something special and partnered with Mary Craven Photography. MC lives here in Nashville and lets just go ahead and say, she's a killer photographer. Has a great eye and can temp any child into a quick smile and natural laugh, all in the perfect lighting. She has a gift and it's fun to support a fellow small biz. lady out there hustling. Here are some pics from our collaboration.