a few of our favorite things

Currier and I live in two different cities, but we talk about 5 times a day. And there's a whole lot of sharin' going on. We're constantly emailing new ideas, internet finds, photos of our houses under construction, new music recs, free fonts - you name it. We both do Pinterest which is great, but mostly it's "hey did you see how amazing this is OR check out this new photoshop tip" and back and fourth all week. So, I thought I'd share with y'all what we've been loving lately. Here's our mood board for September. Can't wait for boot weather, The Americana Festival, and some exciting new projects in the works. Hello Fall… here we come!  :::  bonnie

painting by Lulie Wallace
uniform I wear pretty much every day
tunes by Edward Sharpe
Kid Made Modern at Target
Americana Festival music sampler
uppercase magazine
Jim Morrison & Pamela Courson photograph
support the arts stamps
antiquarian wallpaper at anthropologie
hens watercolor for invitation