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While working together at an advertising agency, we realized it was time to hatch our own shop. So in 2005 we launched Tenn Hens Design and have been thoughtfully creating custom designs ever since. We share a love of classic design and bring a touch of whimsy into our aesthetic.

When we’re not pecking away in the studio…

You can find Currier whipping up delicacies in the kitchen of her new home in Franklin (where she grew up) for her husband or outside hiking the trails at Percy Warner Park. Currier is the fine artist of the duo and has been painting, sketching, and creating since she was a little girl following around her crafty momma.

Another Tennesee native, Bonnie grew up on a farm, but recently moved with her family to the Big D. She's kept busy twirling around her baby girl Miriam and constantly rearranging furniture in her new house. Catching shows whenever they can, she and her husband share a big love of music. Bonnie is the layout-typography-blogger-photo minded half. A high school art teacher guided her into a graphic design path that became a true passion.