Hens Holidays with Mary Craven Photography

We have not dabbled much in the world of Christmas cards, but this year we did something special and partnered with Mary Craven Photography. MC lives here in Nashville and lets just go ahead and say, she's a killer photographer. Has a great eye and can temp any child into a quick smile and natural laugh, all in the perfect lighting. She has a gift and it's fun to support a fellow small biz. lady out there hustling. Here are some pics from our collaboration. 

new year in Nashville

The last few months have been quite a whirlwind! Now here we are, already well into 2014, and Tenn Hens is off to an exciting start. Bonnie welcomed baby Oakes in November and then moved with her family back to Nashville for good - hooray!! Currier has been manning the shop the last few months, wrapping up big projects for the year. She finished out the 2013 Americana Music Awards collateral, designed a holiday card for a music-celeb, worked with new client, The 30A Songwriters Festival for their January event, and basically just kept the wheels turning round here. Thank goodness for business partners! 

Thank you for visiting our humble little blog & we sure hope you stay tuned in for more to come in 2014!
IMG_9545 IMG_9552
Had ourselves a big old time last Friday lunching & bowling over at Pinewood Social. The place is so cool and no detail is overlooked. From the light fixtures, to the napkins, to the "can-art-installation" by Bryce Mcloud in the bowling alley - it all flows and jives together perfectly.
Took out the littlest hen to lunch. IMG_9353
Spotted this great green gallery wall around town & some more behind the scenes pics. IMG_9412 moi-working-mtg photo 2 photo 4
Field trip to The Frist to see the fantastic Normal Rockwell exhibit. Seeing his works up close was ah-mazing! …And we just might've stopped off at The Southern for a taste of some oysters too. Work perks!

spring scenes

Nature has certainly come alive the last couple weeks. There's been some heavy rains followed by some seriously gorgeous spring scenes. Peonies blooming in the yard and office windows letting in the breeze. Life is good around here and was made even sweeter by my visit to Nashville last week. Currier and I got straight down to business with a long to-do list, but we snuck in a whole 'lotta fun after hours. Steeplechase at Percy Warner was a big day and then a criquet match followed on Mother's day. Good excuses for dressing up and sipping on Pimms.