the song workshop

We recently worked with songwriter Tyler Hayes to create an identity for her new business venture. The Song Workshop is a therapeutic songwriting workshop headed by Tyler. We started with logo, business cards, and handouts for the conferences she attends.
"She's created a restorative, healthful, and unique approach to the process of emotional and spiritual healing. It's a gentle way to share your story, while simultaneously having it turned into a song. Tyler guides the process and in it’s culmination provides the client with a complete professional recording of the created song."

tennessee association for justice

Sometimes you want to update the "look" of your business without abandoning your original branding. That's where we Hens can help. TNAJ had some outdated business materials that needed a fresh look. We worked with their original logo and re-designed their business cards, letterhead, and envelopes. Now they're really ready for the capitol steps when session rolls around!


long ridge farm

Wow, this week went fast! Kinda nice to have a holiday in the middle of the week and hope y'all had a great 4th. All I know is it's hot. Really hot. Anyway, I wanted to share a small project we finished up. We got a request to revise our BBQ invite for a Kentucky party. The location was in the families gorgeous new barn. You can go see pics here (super photographer by the way). Currier whipped up another fab sketch for the occasion and it's going on koozies, stationary, and farm items. Sure wish we had a barn like this in our backyard!

You can see gorgeous pics of the barn & big celebration at Bella Grace.

tenn hens etsy site

Blogging 3 days in a row… say what? I know, I know, we have a lot to chatter on about around here. The heat has set in, but Tenn Hens is kicking into high gear this summer and we're hoping you'll follow along.

We launched this creative venture of ours back in 2005 with a little dream. That little dream was to create a line of our own Tenn Hens products. Some folks from our past life in the advertising world kind of looked down on that. I guess it wasn't as "serious" as designing campaigns for national brands and I think we kind of believed them for a while. But what we discovered over the years, besides doing what makes YOU happy, is that there's more than ONE way to run a design business. So… we worked, we grew and we decided we loved designing marketing pieces for businesses, but we also loved designing invitations and stationary.

That all lead us to today. We went back to that little dream of ours from the very beginning and hatched the Tenn Hens Etsy site. It will be evolving and growing and we sure hope you'll check it out and spread the word. Thanks friends!
horseshoe note cards down on the farm watercolor name good apple stationary

off and running

We met Jim back when we had just opened Tenn Hens doors in 2005. We were designing a project for CMT, where he was working, and he sought us out recently as he started this new business venture. Running 4 Cover is a Nashville based production company. They represent a group of video directors and also offer an in-house studio. We were thrilled to hear from him and find out he'd gone out on his own. I guess you could say we root for the upstart. After all, it's what we did!

Some clients come to us looking for a little polishing up of their existing brand. In this case, he already had a logo and great looking website. What he needed was to pull together their marketing and create a really cohesive look. Tenn Hens designed business cards, labels and note cards based on his existing look. We wish him much success.