old edwards inn wedding

I made a trip to The Old Edwards Inn, a hotel & spa tucked in the mountains of North Carolina, about two years ago when we were living in Greenville. It was so beautiful I didn't want to leave. So when Laurie, a friend of a friend, called us up looking for help with her wedding materials we were thrilled to hear she'd chosen this unique spot. Sight unseen, she and her groom had picked the Inn just based on recommendations. Brave girl and smart decision, because it's seriously gorgeous.

Laurie (in New York) relayed everything she was looking for to me (in Dallas), while Currier (in Nashville) got to work on her sketch pad. Wow! Makes me beyond thankful for the internet! Between the 3 of us, we came up with some lovely designs for Laurie & Grant's big day. Obviously the location played a big role. So much nature and texture to work with. Plus, Laurie wanted to do something really fun for the Save The Date, since her invitation would be more traditional.
IMG_2590 IMG_2609 IMG_2600 IMG_2602
We also designed some welcome bags with this same illustration. As a guest, I love getting a little welcome package. It's a detail that really goes a long way in making folks feel special.

Laurie & Grant needed some thank you notes to send out after showers and parties. Her family has lived in Hong Kong for 15 years and it's also where the couple got engaged, so we water-colored the "double happiness" symbol. We tied the bright coral color from the invitations back in and these will be great even after the big day. IMG_2700 IMG_2682 IMG_2696 See more pics from the wedding at Ali Harper Photography