new year news

Yes we're already a month in, but better late than never… hello 2012! We have been busy bees over here and have so much to cover so here goes. One of the biggest things happening at Tenn Hens is that Bonnie has moved to Dallas. Yee-haw! Her husband started a job there so they have recently relocated. It sounds like a big change, and it is, but it's pretty much business as usual here at the shop. We are still working full time on some great new projects and just hoping to expand our business in the big D. Thanks to Face-time and the 'ole internet we're able to continue doing what we love  together just in two different cites. So, if you know anyone in the Dallas area looking for a designer, or a new friend, tell them to give us a ring.

In other news, we've been doing a ton of invitation work. Designing special party invitations is such a joy and allows us to create something truly memorable & personable for folks. Here's a quick view…
IMG_9133 esso-invite IMG_9069

… more to come y'all so stay tuned in!