Watercolor Crest - Save the Date

I know we're not supposed to pick favorites and all, but this is definitely a favorite. The bride really wanted a one-of-a-kind crest so we incorporated imagery from the Colorado mountains where the wedding will be held.
I love the bright cheerfulness of the crest balanced with the rugged letterpress on the opposite side. The Save the Date card was letterpress printed on wood grain paper, die-cut, and feature a custom illustration of antlers & headdress, along with a wood grain envelope liner. The Native American illustrations give a nod to some of the family heritage & there will be cocktails in a tee-pee on the big day. Hopefully guests are packing their bags already!
Event Planner: Jayne Bubis
Calligraphy: Val Cole

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just a peek : gold foil + lasercutting

Some ladies came to us with a really wonderful invitation design opportunity. We got to work immediately and came up with a lovely piece for the Gala. Because of certain copyrights with the painting, we can't show you the whole piece, but here's a link to the artist Rachel Ruysch who's still life was featured inside. It's a stunner. The cover was laser cut which allows for tiny detail and the gold foil was the perfect touch to the cottony paper. Such fun. We're lucky ladies!
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style me pretty - palmetto bluff

Our beautiful friend (and new bride) was featured on Style Me Pretty destinations. We were so busy eating turkey and celebrating with family we forgot to post it, but here she is at the gorgeous Palmetto Bluff in Carolina. We designed her "oak tree" invitations. Still kicking myself that we couldn't get over there for the big day. I'll just have to imagine it all through these pretty pictures by Ashley Sewell

once wed feature - whidby island

We have a good buddy in Nashville, Brooke Boling, who's an amazing photographer. She shoots weddings, fashion, families, and lots of musicians in Music City. She's fab! And in fact, both of us hens used to work with her husband at our old agency gig. He was our creative guru and taught us everything he knew about design & the ad business and made it awfully fun.

Anyway… Brooke got in touch about a mock-shoot she was doing for her portfolio and wanted some help with the paper goods. We happily joined the project and came up with some designs for her shoot on Whidby Island. Think "summers end"… cool & simple colors, natural, and an organic feel. Her photos are so dreamy & ethereal, I wish I could run off and find my feet in the sand.

ps: her photographs are featured on ONCE WED    { yahoo, yippee }

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A L L  P H O T O S  © B R O O K E  B O L I N G

tenn hens etsy site

Blogging 3 days in a row… say what? I know, I know, we have a lot to chatter on about around here. The heat has set in, but Tenn Hens is kicking into high gear this summer and we're hoping you'll follow along.

We launched this creative venture of ours back in 2005 with a little dream. That little dream was to create a line of our own Tenn Hens products. Some folks from our past life in the advertising world kind of looked down on that. I guess it wasn't as "serious" as designing campaigns for national brands and I think we kind of believed them for a while. But what we discovered over the years, besides doing what makes YOU happy, is that there's more than ONE way to run a design business. So… we worked, we grew and we decided we loved designing marketing pieces for businesses, but we also loved designing invitations and stationary.

That all lead us to today. We went back to that little dream of ours from the very beginning and hatched the Tenn Hens Etsy site. It will be evolving and growing and we sure hope you'll check it out and spread the word. Thanks friends!
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