once wed feature - whidby island

We have a good buddy in Nashville, Brooke Boling, who's an amazing photographer. She shoots weddings, fashion, families, and lots of musicians in Music City. She's fab! And in fact, both of us hens used to work with her husband at our old agency gig. He was our creative guru and taught us everything he knew about design & the ad business and made it awfully fun.

Anyway… Brooke got in touch about a mock-shoot she was doing for her portfolio and wanted some help with the paper goods. We happily joined the project and came up with some designs for her shoot on Whidby Island. Think "summers end"… cool & simple colors, natural, and an organic feel. Her photos are so dreamy & ethereal, I wish I could run off and find my feet in the sand.

ps: her photographs are featured on ONCE WED    { yahoo, yippee }

brookeboling_oncewed0091 brookeboling_oncewed0046 whidby-island-shots2 whidby-island-shots3 whidby-island-shots4 whidby-island-shots1 whidby-island-shots5

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